Monday, February 23, 2015

The favor of God follows us because HE IS LOVE

But while Joseph was in prison, the Lord was with him; He showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the warden.  Genesis 39:20-21

Even when our circumstances look bleak by human standards, God is always with us - He never deserts us or leaves us stranded - and as we delight in Him & content ourselves in His abiding presence, we will dwell in full heart and soul satisfaction & His favor will follow us in all situations, even those where most might assume all hope is lost.  We can still be joyful & remain filled with hope because of the faithful love of God that never abandons us.  We can be patient in affliction and bear up under all kinds of suffering knowing that though we suffer but for a little while, our God is a mighty redeemer who is great to save and deliver us through all manners of trials for His name's sake.  All that our lives would be a testimony to the power of His saving grace and the glory of His merciful favor poured out on us so freely out of His great and matchless, amazing, everlasting, steadfast and always enduring love for us that never flickers, never wavers, is always true not because of anything we have done to earn it or any good we bring to the table but because HE IS LOVE.  

All because of who He is in His very nature He longs to care for us & uphold us by His right hand because He is our Papa & we are His precious, beloved children whom He adores & takes great delight in. So we can TRUST Him to be kind and faithful to us in all things as we seek His face and His presence manifested in our lives & know full well we will find Him as we seek & we will meet God in new and fresh ways, revealed to us day after day as He pursues us and we follow after Him in this beautiful intimate love relationship... 

This relationship I have come to cherish personally, to relish as a treasure like no other this world could ever offer me.  He is my all in all - the great I Am answers all my needs & truly satisfies the desires of my heart, mind and soul - He is my very breath & it is His Spirit in me that gives me life and song for each new day.  I am so blessed - blessed to be alive today & blessed to be aware of the inner workings of my God, my Creator - my Jesus, Lover of my soul, the Author, Perfecter and Finisher of my faith - and to have with me at all times the precious gift of the Spirit as my Constant Companion & ever present Helper. 

Yes, Lord, yes - I am blessed most abundantly & I walk in the favor of the Most High God, my Papa! ❤️ All praise to Him - it is all for His glory & honor, for His kingdom that I serve, live and breathe!  In Jesus' name, Amen!

© K. Michelle Payne 2015

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