Monday, August 31, 2015

Guarding our lips on considering the weight of our words..

Something I read earlier today has been going round and round my head until this spilled out... This is not directed at any one, but more in response to things in my past the Spirit has been using to teach me - wherein I have not recognized the weight of my own words - and also in response to some online posts over the past few months that truly grieved my heart... Posts from good hearted, well intentioned people spewing forth foul, belittling and hurtful words that I have no doubt they didn't realize the true heft of... The things we casually throw around verbally without a respect and regard for how much an impact our words really have.

We need to be aware the power in the tongue - both for good and bad.

I have concluded thus...

Just because we have the right to say whatever comes to mind
does not make it right for us to say whatever crosses our minds.
Each of us should carefully consider then the weight of our words before we give breath to them. Once spoken, we cannot take back even utterances made casually or in haste. And although many words can be forgiven, very few and far between can be entirely forgotten, particularly when harm has been done. We would be wise to heed good advice and spare ourselves the damage told by a brash storm of words uncensored before they pass our lips into this world. 
It is ever needful we recognize that not any one of us knows absolutely everything about most anything. This should be a foremost consideration whenever we set about to give voice to our thoughts, opinions and views... As well as when we enter into new acquaintances and relationships.
Not a one of us is God.
I honestly believe if we even realized the weight of our words to God, we might not be so careless with our mouths. If we realized how He felt when we said certain things, we might not speak so casually, nor be so quick to criticize or condemn. 
I pray God continue to deal with me on my mouth - I know He's given me the gift of expression, writing, music, and exhortation and teaching... A gift of language..  With that gift comes a lot of responsibility... I have not always recognized and respected this.
More and more I see just how much I need His help
when it comes to this area of my mouth and my words.
Lord, set a guard on my lips.
 Let me think and consider You
as I choose how to speak and respond in all situations. 
And grant me grace to know
and strength to keep quiet
when it is needful!!!!
The Bible has MUCH, MUCH to say on the subject of the tongue and its power...
Not the least of which is Proverbs 18:21 -

21 The tongue has the power of life and death,
    and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Yes, we would all do well to be more mindful of our words. 

© K. Michelle Payne 2015

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