Saturday, April 2, 2016

Your Ministry is Wherever You Are

We are God's set apart people.  We have been called to be in the world but not of it.  Throughout scripture we find God's expressed longing for our hearts to be aligned with Him so that we can pour out His love as we walk, serve, and love others - persevering where we are planted - so that others may know this Jesus who gives us hope, who gives us life. 

"God chooses the times & places we live."

We are intentionally planted with purpose to walks and serve and love others.. To persevere where we are placed so others can see Christ in us not because we are preaching but because we are loving - others will see the hope and be drawn in the spirit to God himself, and He is so pleased.  Even if I never see the fruit, the results, God is faithful... I plant the seed - I'm the messenger of grace, and I trust God to see through every good work to completion (not just in me but in all that I sow).  I can thereby let go of the worry & work and move in trust, knowing God is in control as I submit & come alongside and partner with Papa where He is already at work. ❤️

Oh, what joy!   To know I don't have to wring my hands & worry or fret, but just be faithful to plant and tend as I go - stay tethered to and grafted in to my Jesus & His power will accomplish the *work* - the conviction, the changing of hearts... All of it.  I just need to be faithful with what's in front of me, my part.  I'm not meant to accomplish it all... Whenever I'm stressed or feeling strained (in my kingdom work, following through in my calling), I need to do a serious spirit check and make sure I'm not falling into working in the flesh & trying to make more happen than what God has put before me to do. 

I do my part & let God be God.  That's how it's designed.  That's how it works best for all involved, including the recipients of this ministry...  That's what pleases His heart. 

I am a messenger of grace.  I'm not the provider of it.  I'm not the compeller to take hold of it...  I'm just tasked to walk fully in it and share it freely wherever I go. 

Glory Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

© K. Michelle Payne 2016

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