Thursday, May 5, 2016

A morning of messy transformed...

Have you ever just thrown up your hands and cried out, "O Lord, my God, call into the four winds and gather all my scattered pieces together again!" 

That's exactly where I was this morning.  

I'm gonna be honest: life is messy.  And sometimes I feel messy.  Very.  But God is bigger!  Hallelujah!

He is bigger than the laundry, the dust, the debt, the deadlines, the death, the depression, the divorce, the stress and worry.  Glory!  He is bigger, and He is enthroned!

And when I pause all of my self and step out of what I'm feeling to worship Him (in the midst, as I always say) - amazing!!!  

A simple chorus of Hallelujahs can realign the soul and let the Spirit move inside.  A huge shift is taking place.  Perspective - the focus moving off of where I am and onto who He is.  There is the power, and thus I am lifted, above it all, to the higher places, right before my God.  

My faith is invigorated, infused with the power of His magnificent presence while my all is attuned to His glory.  And praise Jesus, all else grows strangely dim as (I'm fully aware) He's right with me in this place.  I feel Him anoint me, and my heart, my cup, overflows.  Yes, His goodness and mercy, they overtake me. 

What divine love is this that transforms my mess into such a beautiful message of grace?  

This is the power of praise and the efficacy of heartfelt prayer that connects us to the very heart of our God.  

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