Wednesday, May 18, 2016

At last, a home for my heart...

My time with God is precious to me;
it cannot be replaced by anything. 
And His words, when I'm still and hear Him speak,
are beautiful; there's nothing quite so sweet. 
My Lord himself, my treasure complete,
I find in Him all I could ever need. 
And when I'm faltering and failing, weak,
I'm refreshed as I pause, lean in and seek

My time alone with my Father
can be replicated by no other. 
He is an anchor for my soul. 
I delight in Him; He makes me whole. 
Long I wandered, vainly seeking,
in this world, craving meaning. 
He bid me come, revealed to me
whose I am, in Him my real identity. 
God gave my life true purpose, 

And finally, my heart is 

At last I exhale completely in utter peace, 
this love, just so remarkable. 

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