Thursday, May 5, 2016

Facing headlong the approaching storm...

Even with the sky a smiling blue and sun pouring in my skylights, bright white clouds dancing along above me as I lie, I hear the faintest, long, low rumbling.  Distant thunder lingers, hard to distinguish where it begins and where it ends.  The ominous, unsettling messenger warns:  A storm is coming.  My soul stirs within me on the waiting as the unavoidable makes its approach.

How fitting...

Alas, I will enjoy the sunshine while it remains. Bask in the warmth as I repose. And when the storm rears its ugly head, bares its teeth to gnash at me, shows its face raw, no longer hidden away, I will find refuge in my Strong Tower.  A mighty fortress, My God will uphold me as the torrent rises and the winds beat and blow.  When the rain pours heavy and hard, and my flesh feels as if to fail, my heart will find shelter and safe keeping in His arms, my soul's respite in His love and grace.


Calm tranquility holds the sky for a time before ever darkening clouds roll in, all sunlight soon seemingly lost behind the threatening veil.  But my heart shall not faint within me at the sight, holding fast to my hope in the face of whatever comes.  My God, faithful; His word, unchanging, ever true.  I will stand firm on the foundation of this Rock, this Jesus of mine.   My faith, unshaken; His peace I remain resolute to retain.  Clinging to His truth and light, I will stand unmoved in the midst and lift my hands in praise for He who sees me and knows my name.  Though my face like to be battered by the storm ahead, determined, I lean heavy into my God, anticipating; my roots growing deeper with each trial that comes. 

Though adversity sets to assault me repeatedly, I shall most certainly be delivered through triumphantly.  Thus out plays the beauty of this epic grace overcoming life's opposing chaos continually; wherefore shall sing my soul forevermore God's majestic glory, my heart's true delight and most cherished melody.

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