Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hide me away...

I am tired.  Exhausted, frustrated,
and done beyond done.   My entire being wearied from drowning in distress.  I have lifted my voice to heaven and God is calling out to me.  I have gone to hide myself away in my Mighty Fortress, my Father.  He alone is my Strength and Shield.  He is the One I need

"Hide me away. 

Hide me away, my Strong Tower.  Tuck me under Your wing and grant me refuge from the storm.  You are my Safe Place.   In You, I find comfort and Your peace restores my weary soul.  

Hide me away, Papa.  Protect and cover me.  Watch over and hold me close.  Only You can uphold me, knit me back together and make me whole.  

Hide me away, my Abba God.  Let me feel Your warm embrace.  Help me let go so I can rest.

Yes, let me rest that I may find renewed strength and revival in You.  Nurture my wounded heart as Your grace attends my soul."

... If you need me, I'll be in *witness protection* the rest of the afternoon. ❤️


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