Monday, May 2, 2016

His plans, not mine

This is a confession in response to my convicted heart.  Reflecting on the events of the prior week:  I have pushed ahead in and of myself, and neglected to seek God FIRST in *my* plans.  

It all settles in - a sober remembering that it's His work I've been called to do - not just any old thing I've come up with on my own, no matter how good the ideas or how noble my intentions might have seemed at the time.  It's HIS plans I want for my life, not anything self-conceived or contrived.  

This is me, seeking forgiveness and His means to redemption and restoration.

"Lord, forgive me.  Have mercy on me, a sinner, out of your unfailing love for me. All these things recently I have up and taken upon myself, concerned about going about it the wrong way in and of this world, and I have neglected the most important.  The one thing.  I have neglected to seek You first in these endeavors. 

It is no wonder I have been stressed and frustrated and worried.  I have faced opposition and doubts and failure.  I have not sought You in prayer or been in any way submitted to Spirit leadership in these pursuits.  I have been pursuing these things rather than pursuing You. 

I'm sorry.  I praise You for showing me yesterday morning and for confirming today by Your word.  

Help me surrender it all to You.  All my plans, hopes, dreams...  Any scheming I've come up with on my own.  I want to please You more than anything.  More than anything I've put before me, I want You. 

Show me how to make these things right by Your power and grace to restore and redeem.  Teach me and mold me so I can learn to come after You in all things,
Papa.  I want to go where You go and join You in Your good work.  Not push ahead in and of my own, in vain out of ignorance or arrogance.  

I do not want to neglect our relationship for striving to achieve or "make things happen."  I want to walk in trust in all things.  Your plans and purposes, in your timing. 

Help me, Jesus, to lay down all self, crucify the flesh, and take Your yoke upon me to come after You.  

I thank You so much for showing me my errors and for Your corrections.  Lead me on in Your way for my life.  Your will become my very own.  You, Lord, above everything.  In Your perfect name, amen."

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