Thursday, May 5, 2016

The One my soul loves... He can be yours, too

Yes, I have found the One whom my soul loves;
a love so brilliant, it's beautiful.  
In Him I find my everything.  
I've been made new; I've been set free.  
In Him, I am at last made whole;
my Love, real and true, He completes me. 

He never disappoints or lets loose His grip on my soul.  
His love is forever, never blinking or missing a note.  
He never leaves me to wonder or flail.  
He never neglects me, leaves me hanging, faltering or frail.  

When worn and weary of this world, 
His love refreshes and renews my all. 
I rest entirely in His good and warm embrace; 
there my soul finds peace before now never known. 

He offers more than any one in this world 
could ever give.  
And because He loved me first, I give my all to Him.  
He is my Beloved, and I am His.  

No longer seeking, craving still, or ever left to want for anything; 
I have found in Him my delight, soul rapture, and true blessedness.  

My heart is full, my mind at ease, 
His love washing over me continually 
like a fresh and lovely, fragrant breeze. 

Never left to wander on my own - 
my Love, my Life, He is my Home.

All this I have in Him promised forevermore.  
And it all can be yours, too; He stands now knocking at the door. 

You ask His name, will you recognize Him?  
I call Him Jesus, Lord and Savior, sweetest Friend. 

He saved me from a life of woe, 
and filled and covered all my God-shaped holes. 

I hope that you will let Him in, get to know Him, and even walk with Him. 
I promise not a life of roses, 
but you'll not want for more surrendered to this Jesus.  
He died to set you free and ever longs to hold you close.

Yes, I have found the One in whom my soul delights. 
His love thrills me and gives real, abundant life.
I am off to walk and talk a while with my Lord. 
He waits for you, still calling; 
the choice is yours.  

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